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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fulbright Weekend in London

This weekend was our long-awaited chance for the US Fulbrighters teaching in the UK to come together in London.  On Friday night we, along with our head teachers and mentors and the UK teachers who have recently returned from the US, were invited to a reception at the US Embassy.  Since there were protests going on in front of the embassy, they had us sneak through the back door, which was rather interesting.  It was great to get a chance to talk to others who have been through the process, and just wonderful to see those going through it now.   I even met a UK teacher who had done an exchange in my hometown of Auburn, California about 20 years ago who is friends with my friend and former co-worker, Ann Fulweiler.  Small world!   On Saturday we had meetings most of the day where we all got to share how things are going with our exchanges.  Everyone is very glad to be here and embracing the opportunity to teach abroad whole-heartedly, although we are all dealing with different challenges.  It was comforting to know we are not alone in our challenges, and that we will get through the tough times with the support of our fellow Fulbrighters and even more than that, enjoy the good times!  One of the good times for me was going with some of my Fulbright colleagues to see Lion King at the Lyceum Theater.  It was awesome!!!!  I loved it from the very first note!  It is going on my list of all-time favorite musicals.
I loved how the actors were both human and animal.

This morning a group of us went to tour the State Rooms of Buckingham palace, including a special exhibit of the Queen's diamonds on display in honor of her diamond jubilee year.   I'm a girl with simple tastes, but it it was pretty darn cool to have a peek into the Queen's digs and bling!  And I think it was very nice of her to let us stop by since she wasn't using the place today.  After the tour, some of us continued on for lunch at Covent Gardens.  After about an hour on the train, I was back in my little village of Leigh.   I'll be up until the wee hours of the morning doing lesson plans, but it was worth it to have such a great weekend!

(In the spirit of full-disclosure, must admit that I didn't actually take these photos, as photos were not allowed during the play or in the palace, but I really did see these things!)

The White Drawing Room.
There is a "secret" entrance for the Queen behind the mirror on the left.
 Shh... dont' tell anyone!

The Diamond Diadem.
 The Queen wears this to the opening of Parliament  each year.  

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  1. Was that really the first time that you saw The Lion King? I even dragged J.R. to see it in San Francisco. I was pregnant with JJ, and SF was having a heat wave! I sat in the show with my top pulled up over my belly because I was so stinking hot! We just told JJ that story the other day, and he thought it was pretty funny!


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