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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Aljloun Castle and Jerash

My friend and travel mentor, Catherine, had persuaded me to include a trip to  Jordan when I planned to travel to the Holy Land.  So now was the time to see what it was about this country that had captivated her so.   My first Jordanian adventure was going to Ajloun Castle.  Built in 1184, Ajloun is a huge fortress that was built to protect against Crusader attacks.
Ajloun Castle
Me in the Castle


From Ajloun, I continued on to Jerash, which was known as Gerasa in ancient times.  This city was inhabited as far back as the Bronze age (3200-1200 B.C.)  In the Bible this town is mentioned as the place where Jesus drove demons from a possessed man. The ruins here are fabulous!

The Arch of Hadrian built to honor the Emperor when he visited in  130 AD.

The Temple of Artimes

This was a signpost for a shop

The Cardo Maximus

The South Ampitheater

Bagpipes and Drum; Not Sure Why

Jerash is amazingly well preserved for a site as old as it is.  I just loved my time here!

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  1. Jerash is amazing just because of the sheer size of it! Love the dark skies in your photos! PS Got to say I prefer travel mentor to travel bully which might have been a bit more apt ;)


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