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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Field Trip Fun!

Just like in the US, field trip days in the UK are greatly anticipated and lots of fun.  At home, our field trips include the pumpkin patch and the nature center.  Here, both of our trips this year were to the gardens of stately homes.  Our trip this week was to Groombridge Place, and our mission was to study and sketch sculptures as inspiration for our design technology unit where the kids plan and build their own sculpture.  I tried to choose photos in which the kids' faces were either too small to be recognizable or where they aren't photographed from the front.  I hope I did okay!

My Year 1 Class
including Student Teacher, Mr. Vaughn
and TAs, Mrs. Hissy and Mrs. Twort
Searching for Inspiration
Lots of fun Sculptures to Look At!

Kids Hard at Work Sketching

We liked the giant chess set!
More Sketching

                          It wasn't all work, however.   We had a great time exploring Crusoe's World!

At the Raptor Center, we had a chance to see birds of prey in action, swooping right over our heads, almost knocking our hats off!

Raptor Show

Busily Sketching Raptors

Admiring the Peacock
Singing and dancing to the Crawdad Song

 Another really fun part of Groombridge Place is the Enchanted Forest.  You never know what you might see there!

Hey, look up there, it's a giant spider web!

Listening to "Where the Wild Things Are"
beside the Gypsy Caravan
I just loved the Zedonk!
It really is half donkey and half zebra!
Don't you love his striped socks?

We surely have to sketch this creature!

Sing-a-long in a Boat

It was a fabulous field trip:  the kids had fun and were well behaved, the parents were helpful and best of all, I got to see a Zedonk!  Doesn't get much better than this!

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