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Monday, August 27, 2012

Brighton Beach Bum

Ferris Wheel on Brighton Beach

Brighton Pier
The only donut I could get close to
in Brighton; they only sell them in
bags of  4, 8, or 12, and I was alone,
soI went without.

Today was a Bank Holiday in England.  I've read lots of books where the characters head to Brighton for their holiday, so I decided to do the same.  Brighton Beach is somewhat like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk; a big Ferris Wheel,  carnival rides, snack shacks, and souvenir shops.  The menu at the seafood shacks was a little different--jellied eel anyone?

Punch and Judy on a Break

Those of you who know me know that there is nothing I like better than a sing-a-long.  I have been known to join complete strangers singing on the beach in the US and in Canada, and now I can add the UK to the list.  There was a group of Filipino Christians from a church in London singing on the beach, so I sat nearby and sang along.  Then one of them beckoned me over to join them and I stayed and sang for at least an hour.   It was so fun!  They were so very nice and we all had a great time singing and dancing and playing kind of a "you do what I do" game (game words were in Tagalog, but it was a motion game, so I could figure it out;  the rest of the singing was in English, mostly songs I knew).  They offered me spring rolls and adobo chicken and friendship.   I'm waiting to see if I get a friend request on Facebook from one woman who wrote my name in her book and said she would contact me.

Group Sing-along, so Much Fun!

After singing on the beach, I headed into the town where I took a tour of St. Paul's church and wandered "The Lanes".  I saw a photo of the Royal Pavilion on a post card, so I went off to find it.  It was built beginning in 1787 as the seaside retreat for George, Prince of Wales, who later became King George IV. It was really ornate and had beautiful gardens surrounding it.  I ended my trip with a visit to the Brighton Marina, then took the train back home.  Another fun day! Tomorrow I will be heading to school to work on setting up the classroom and prepare for school to begin next week.  It's been great to have this time to explore my surrounding area before facing the challenges of teaching in a new country!
In Saint Pauls Church

"The Lanes" is a cute shopping district with lots
of jewelry.  I only bought a shirt at a charity shop.

The Royal Pavilion of King George IV

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