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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Canterbury Tales

Me on my pilgrimage to Canterbury Cathedral
Cool Gargoyle

This morning, after going to the beautiful church in Leigh for their 8 a.m. service, I went home and tried really hard to make heads or tails of the curriculum I'll soon be teaching.  It is really, really, involved!!   After working on it for a few hours I decided to reward myself by taking a little trip.  I got out my train schedule and saw that Canterbury wasn't too hard to get to, so I hopped aboard and now I write to you from the Canterbury hostel.  I really enjoyed touring their amazing Cathedral!  It has everything, royalty, mystery, intrigue, and murder all in an incredible building!  The town is also really nice, lots of cute little shops and cafes.  After a long walk to the hostel (I was led to believe it was much closer!) I made my pilgrimage back to Canterbury Cathedral for the 6:30 compline service, which was really nice.  I had a little dinner at a sidewalk cafe and made the trek back to the hostel in the dark. I'm not sure how to add photos on the hostel computer, but I'll try to add some when I get  back to Leigh.  Tomorrow morning I think I'll take the boat tour of Canterbury, which looks pretty fun.  Then I'll have to decide, do I go home and get more work done, or should I keep traveling while I have the chance?  What do you think?
One of the many beautiful stained glass windows
Spot where Thomas Becket was murdered
Traveling down the river in Canterbury


  1. Travel!
    I can't wait to see your pics of Canterbury...a storied place for sure!

  2. I vote for travel! Live vicariously for us!

  3. Travel now, work later!


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