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Friday, August 10, 2012

Husband, History, and Holding Anna

Carl and me at Jefferson's Rock overlooking Harper's Ferry

My first ever blog post was when I realized that Carl and I would not be together in our home in California again for 14 months, but we did have one last American meet-up when he drove from Wisconsin to Washington D.C. so we could do a little time traveling together. Our first stop was 1859 for John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry. So much history in one little town! We continued to move back in time as we headed to Colonial Williamsburg. Give me a costumed docent and a cobblestone street and I'm a happy girl! It was fascinating to join the wig makers, spinners, blacksmiths, pub-goers and political leaders of the day as they went about their lives during the time of the American Revolution. Next we fast-forward to Europe in the 1940's as our friend, Mollie Herlocker, gave us a private tour of the Holocaust Memorial Museum. It's a very moving memorial to those who were lost and those whose lives were forever changed as well as a great reminder to me as I head off on my teaching exchange of the importance of the goal of the Fulbright Exchange program, to increase awareness of and respect for, diverse ideas, values, world views and ways of life. Carl and I returned to present day Washington D.C. for more sight seeing and a night out at the Kennedy Center where we saw the play "Sheer Madness", a hilarious audience-participation murder mystery.

With my spinning instructor
We were the only two people who came out to
see this cannon being fired in the rainy weather.
In the Blacksmith Shop


After some All-American BBQ, Carl dropped me off at the airport to return to California with Emma to help her settle in and to have a chance to see my boys, Levi and Eli, and hold my sweet granddaughter, Anna. I sure am going to miss my family this year!

Holding precious Anna Joy

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